Is Striking Off a company the best solution?

Consider these options as part of a Members Voluntary Liquidation of an incorporated company in the UK. Striking off the company from the Companies House register…

Business Accountant

Closing down stamp

Companies House guidance states…
A company may apply to the registrar to be struck off the register and dissolved. The company can do this if it is no longer needed. For example, the directors may wish to retire and there is no one to take over from them; or
it is a subsidiary whose name is no longer needed; or it was set up to exploit an idea that turned out not to be feasible. Some companies who are dormant or non trading choose to apply for strike off. If you have
decided that you no longer want to retain your company and wish to have it struck off, the registrar will not normally pursue any outstanding late filing penalties unless you restore the company to the register at a later stage.
Form DS01 is used to apply for striking off and guidance GP4
HMRC have some useful advice too

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