No real ‘SAFE-Harbour’ rules exist? Do they?

Following the revelations on 12 March 2015 on the Radio 4 Today programme by Hazel Blears of the UK Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament, our question today is this simple one:
English: A candidate icon for Portal:Computer ...
A candidate icon for Portal:Computer security (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 “Does any Information Security Safe-Harbour rule actually in practice exist?


We might just as well tear up or bin all existing IT security Safe-Harbour rules and regulations that CLOUD-technologies companies having been trying to establish and promote as part of creating frameworks to assure customers that their data is security, will be treated with integrity and will be for their(customers) own eyes only.
Here is a link to an example of what safe-harbour rules are in the EU:
Here are some legal interpretations of safe-harbour rules:
 The only realistic option left for any user of the internet is this:
“Use your own common sense, think, check, re-read that electronic data information package, before you press the send button”

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