The end of Tax Returns and start of ‘Digital Tax Accounts’

Digital #Tax Accounts. Some information about what to expect from 2016 onwards.

Steve J Bicknell

Digital Tax Account

In last weeks Budget, the Chancellor George Osborne announced that during a 5 year period starting in 2016 we will see the end of tax returns and the introduction of Digital Tax Accounts.

According to Citywire

By the end of 2016, five million small businesses and the first 10 million individuals would use the new ‘digital tax account’.

‘Millions of individuals will have the information the Revenue needs automatically uploaded into new digital accounts,’ said Osborne. ‘Tax really doesn’t have to be taxing, and this spells the death of the annual tax return.’

Around 85% of those who complete self-assessment forms already do them online. But HMRC said the new accounts, unlike the current system, would be pre-populated with data HMRC already holds and that from third parties.

Those who pay tax using the pay-as-you-earn system will have their income tax, national insurance contributions and pension position already shown in their accounts…

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