We are Business Accountants & International Tax Advisors

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 We specialise in 3 practice areas

 Business, Compliance and Corporate Finance

 1. Business:

Designing, implementing and acting as Traditional and Cloud  Accounting Integration Consultants to enhance and improve your Information Systems and Business Processes via a technology platform and product solution suite

2. Compliance: 

Corporate Tax and Accountancy Compliance Services including International Transfer Pricing (UK – US – EU) solutions

3. Corporate Finance:

We evaluate your small business’ corporate fundraising potential and arrange introductions to corporate finance sources, including crowdfunding and omni-sourcing platforms.

We assist in managing the Life-cycle Investment Management needs of your company as trusted Financial and Risk Management advisers

Ask yourself this one critical question:

Where does real VALUE and future GROWTH originate in my existing business Ecosystem and Value Chain?

If you cannot put your finger on the answer, then we can help you finddefine and explore the value creation opportunities in your  existing profit value chain
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These further questions might help identify the challenges you face:
Are you constrained by your own business information processes?
 Do you want to outperform your competitors?

How are you going to do this?

Our knowledge and experience in future oriented Agile Financial Forecasting and planning systems, combined with robust Compliance Solutions (Accounting and Tax) will help you unlock hidden information value that will unleash growth and value creation in your business.

We are 3resource, because we become that hidden third force, namely information diagnostics specialists that help you drive value in your business via deeper analytics and insights.