End to End (Life-cycle) design for Business Process Outsourcing – Part 2

  In part 1 we introduced the basic techniques of Process Mapping and Cost and Benefit Analysis as part of the tool-sets to utilise in considering outsourcing and designing the Outsourced Business Processes future state. The next step in the process of defining and designing the appropriate Business Processes to outsource or at the very… Read More

End to End (Life-cycle) design for Business Process Outsourcing – Part 1

Thinking about the potential of outsourcing one of your critical Business Processes?   Business Process Re-engineering Cycle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)   Some of the key considerations must the the opportunity to redesign and re-engineer processes via process mapping and thorough cost and benefit analysis techniques.   Non of these techniques are new or too difficult to… Read More

The conceptual notion of a ‘Business Model’ in Financial Reporting

Harmonisation of International Financial Reporting standards is a route or journey, where the road map is not yet very clearly defined. However, it is getting there. In a recent article we drafted on IFRS, we argued that the eventual outcome of harmonisation should be the deepening of global capital markets and the spreading of risk… Read More