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End to End (Life-cycle) design for Business Process Outsourcing – Part 1

Thinking about the potential of outsourcing one of your critical Business Processes?

 English: Business Process Reengineering Cycle

Business Process Re-engineering Cycle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Some of the key considerations must the the opportunity to redesign and re-engineer processes via process mapping and thorough cost and benefit analysis techniques.


Non of these techniques are new or too difficult to manage, however, having the right mind-set and tools available for the task at hand is essential.  If you cannot manage the process on you own, seek help and advice from seasoned professionals.


Even very small organisations engage and master the art of outsourcing.  As an example a sole trader or small incorporated business owner will outsource functions like book-keeping, accounting and tax compliance to a professional advisor or support business.


If you need help and resources, consider the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals as a resource and knowledge centre



3resource LLP can also assist you on this journey of discovery and value added supply value chain management.


We aim to add value by re-sizing your off-shoring and outsourcing requirements.


Outsourcing-offshoring-resized (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In part 2 of this article we will focus on some basic outsourcing design elements to consider in evaluating your readiness to outsource.

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